Me,My vision and My inspiration!

This is the post excerpt.


Hello there, Tyler here, Currently sat in the comfort of my own bed at 7:30pm(GMT), i live such a socialite life CLEARLY! On a positive note it means I can communicate to the web world. 


My name is Tyler Gravil, I am 22 years old, from Yorkshire, Great Britain and I am a undergratuate student in my second year. Currently studying BA Honors in Fashion specialising in Fashion Communication. If i could describe myself in three words it would be; Optimistic, Determined and Witty.

Model clearly(eats a cake because it’s a unlikely fantasy)

Things I love:

  • Fashion(Obvs)
  • Music(Hip Hop,Grime,Pop,RnB,Motown,Rock,Alternative and House)
  • Cult TV series
  • Films(Comedy,Chick flicks, Action and Horror)
  • Food(hence the 7 chins)
  • Travelling 
  • Popular Culture
  • My LGBTQ community

Things I loathe entirely(Grinch pun, I know only 37 weeks too early)

  • Shady Behavior 
  • Dishonesty
  • People who don’t drink(makes me feel nervous)
  • Negativity 
  • Discriminatory acts and behavior(Die please)
  • Pretentious people

About This blog:

Within this blog it will include all my fashion inspirations such as celebrities, fashion designers, art and culture. Also my very own work that has been compeleted either at University or freelance work. It will be as honest as it can be(Honesty is the best policy), i will be expressing my own opinions and if i have enough time on my hands it may have some lifestyle posts sprinkled in here and there. I promise that i will try and post every day.

My Vision:

I never thought in a million years that i would be doing a degree yet alone a Fashion degree, but while doing this degree it truly has made me true to myself, appreicate visual arts and helped me understand and appreciate all walks of life. I actully love uni especially the tutors(i have 4 talented individuals, pouring knowledge into my brain). I’ll not name them because i haven’t asked them if it would be okay so i’ll give them numbers for reference. First there is tutor #1, Shes great, imaginative, Sassy and a pusher(all for my own good though, appreciate it girl no shade) 

Tutor #1

Moving onto Tutor #2, oh my she is the pattern cutting queen,got me into reading informative and useful books and a fellow animal lover.

Legit something tutor #2 would say

Tutor #3, he is the essay writing, havard referencing king. 

Finally last but not least, drum roll please, Tutor #4, she is the most supportive, understands my vision, career goals(she worked in the fashion industry in USA) and the computer aided design queen.

Tutor #4

What i want to achieve;

I want a lot of things in life(usually chinese food) but education and career wise is what we need to focus on. My education I would like to graduate with a First class honors but i will settle with 2:1 or 2:2(perseverance and determination is key), just to graduate will make me extremely ecstatic. 

Career wise i would love to set up my own clothing brand starting off with womenswear, also i would love to be a stylist and be a Fashion Editor. Right now i am participating in an internship programme at Accent Clothing in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Eventually i will go back to uni and do a masters degree, International Fashion Journalism and have my own magazine. #workhard #playharder

My Fashion mother YASSSS

So…. thats it for todays post, i hope i have gave you a little insight into my life and what i plan to do with it and hopefully fetch a little knowledge and happiness into your lifes. I can’t thank you enough for reading it and i look forward to being part of the Blogging family. Also be sure to take a look at Accent Clothing, they stock all designer brands and be sure to check their blog every Monday and Thursday when i upload them on different aspects of the industrys. 

Peace out, Have a great weekend and i will see you tomorrow!!!

Madonna: Sex icon and Fashion visonary with extraordinary talent! 

Hello everyone, I hope everybody has had an amazing weekend and an even better day celebrating the woman that gave you life. 

Today’s post will be about Madonna(hence the title).

Madonna Louise Ciccone otherwise known as just Madonna, she graced the music industry in 1979 and since then she has broke musical barriers with her sexual style, great taste in music and outrageous attitude. 

Madonna perfectley portrays the vivacious and bold 80’s. Her career has spreaded across a huge 38 year turn around releasing hits after hits making her the official Queen of Pop. With number one hits such as;

  • Like a virgin
  • Papa don’t preach
  • Vogue 
  • Music

Using and abusing different genre’s to her advantage like pop, electronic, dance and rock, creating a sound that no one else has been able to imitate. 


Not only is Madonna as Singer/Songwritter she has many talents creating an artist with extreme versatility and a passion for staying in the lime light dabbling in:

  • Acting 
  • Being an author
  • Directing 
  • Dancer 
  • A Business mogul

With an estimated networth of $560 million is there any wonder why people refer to her as the Queen of Pop. The numbers do not lie #richbitch. The queen has sold over 300 million records worldwide giving her a world record title. The Record industry association of America named her the best selling rock artist of the 20th century and the second best female artist in the United States. 

Here are a list of her tours;

  • The virgin tour (1985)
  • Who’s that girl world tour (1987)
  • Blond ambition world tour (1990)
  • The girlie show world tour (1993)
  • Drowned world tour (2001)
  • Re-Invention world tour (2004)
  • Confessions tour (2006)
  • Sticky and Sweet tour (2008-09)
  • The MDNA tour (2012)
  • Rebel Heart tour (2015-16)

Lately I have been listening to alot of Madonna, I am just so intrigued by her artistry. It also helps that my mum is a huge Madonna fan as it perfectly paints her childhood. Personally for me I think that no matter what she does, she will always be relevant because it’s MADONNA she is here to slay bitches. I love how she embodies her sexuality which conveys that she has her career in her hands without any people telling her what to do she is her own BOSS. The vibe she gives me absolutley amazing no matter what Madonna era she always gets me moving. It also helps that she’s a gay icon and I look up to her so much. I particularly love her style how she perfectly fuses Rock, Punk, Street and ballet. 

My personal favourite Madonna hits;

  • Into the groove 
  • Like a prayer
  • Papa don’t preach 
  • La isla bonita 
  • Erotica 
  • Take a bow
  • Holiday 
  • Bitch i’m madonna(Ft Nicki Minaj)
  • I don’t give a (ft Nicki Minaj)
  • Vogue
  • Sorry
  • Material girl

Street Wear: High end Fashion or a Fashion phase?

Streetwear became highly publicised in the 90’s, with globally recognised faces such as Will Smith, RnB group TLC and Biggie Smalls showcasing the finest street wear and creating a Sub Culture, allowing people from the street to theoretically fit in and express them selfs with fashion freedom. 

The East Coast King

Many designers stepped into The Urban Fashion world showcasing incredible versatility and a need to appeal to a larger market ( Marketing tactics at it’s best )

Here are some of the high end Fashion designer brands that took the leap of faith into a streetwear world;

  • Versace 
  • Hugo Boss
  • Diesel
  • Gucci
  • Armani 

90’s streetwear brands;

  • Guess
  • Lugz
  • Nautica 
  • Airwalk
  • Wu Wear
  • Phat Farm

In my opinion, Street has took influences from all styles, trends and pop culture topics, creating and solidifying a distinctive edge on soceity. I would say that streetwear has took influences from famous athletes and sports, Rock ‘n’ Roll, punk, the flamboyancy of The 80’s and skater. Everything is oversized, printed with extravagant patterns, slogans to remember and the most vivacious colours, whether you was into it or not, it would definitely catch your eye.

Trend Setters #90sSwag

This year has seen streetwear ascend in the fashion hierarchy and showing that it can be high fashion and will be high fashion.

This years repeated collaborations and new;


This conveys the new found leniency in high end fashion creating a new lane and showing the most smart business move as well as appealing to a larger consumer market.

Supreme and Louis Vuitton
Fenty and Puma

I wish I was born in the 80’s so that I grew up in the 90’s so i could experience the culture adjustment and individuality of the 90’s instead of reading about it and imagining the vibe. Although i was born in 1995 I can only really remember musicians such as;

  • Cleopatra
  • Spice Girls 
  • Britney Spears
  • Destinys Child
  • Bewitched 
  • Take that 

As i have grown up I’ve listened and broadened my horizons and appreciate various artists like;

  • TLC
  • Boys 2 Men
  • Tupac 
  • Foxy Brown 
  • Lil Kim
  • Ace of Base
  • Corona 
  • Madonna(love her 80’s stuff too)
  • No doubt
  • Aqua
  • Michael Jackson(pretty much heard everything from Jackson 5 to his final album before he passed away This is it)
  • 2 unlimited 
  • Haddaway 

I will stop there, I bloody love 90’s music the tunes are buzzing.

Overall in fashion terms, for me streetwear has rightfully earnt it’s place in High Fashion(it’s about time!!!!!) and i can not wait to see more of the collaborations, trends and swagger produced from this culture.

Nicki Minaj: Controversial, Business Mogul, Queen of Hip Hop and an artist with undeniable talent

First of all, I just want to apologise because I promised that I would upload a blog everyday and I didn’t post one yesterday(there is a pefectly good reason, I promise). Basically i was super busy doing a brand report which is part of a module at University and I was literally so drained, I did try and search for inspiration all day but could not find any. So today I have had a long think so being a pop culture enthusiast I have decided to post about Nicki Minaj. A little message to my friends; “sorry I know your sick of me talking about her but she’s my idol okay girl?!” 

I first heard Nicki Minaj when I was in year 9/10, Harley(one of my best friends) said “Have you heard this new song called bedrock?”, listened to it and instantly it was my favourite song. Playing it over and over again, memorising Nicki’s lyrics “ok, I get it lemme think I guess it’s my turn. Maybe it’s time to put this P***Y on ya sideburns.” 

Like Oh My God, legit we were obsessed and still are. Massive thank you to Shaunna for playing the song to Harley in the first place and Thank you to Harley for gracing my ear drums with the addictive sound of Nicki.

So as months goes on Harley and me spend hours searching on you tube and listening to Mix tape Minaj.

Personal Favourites of the Mixtape days

  • Beef Stew
  • Playtime is over
  • Jump off 2007
  • Dirty Money(Freestyle)
  • I get Crazy
  • Ittt Bitty Piggy
  • Envy
  • Wanna Minaj?

I would be here all night if I carried on so I’ll leave at that. 

Nicki Released her debut album Pink Friday in 2010. As you can imagine this obsessive idiot listen to it every day until she released Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the story continues like that with The Re-Up and The Pink Print. The sound track of my life is cleary Nicki Minaj. The Euphoria, Liberation, Confidence and The sense of ‘fitting in and accepting who you are’ I felt was completley a life changer for me.

Favourite songs from all albums:

  • I’m the best
  • Romans Revenge(Resurrect him please, a gay needs a gay)
  • Moment for life
  • Superbass 
  • Dear Old Nicki 
  • Did it on em’
  • Truffle butter
  • All things go 
  • Get on your knee’s 
  • Feeling myself 
  • Grand piano 
  • Boys 
  • Beez in the trap
  • Crying Game 
  • Pills and Potions
  • Only 
  • Four door aventador
  • Trini dem girls
  • Anaconda 
  • Shanghai
  • Up in flames 
  • Freedom
  • Im legit
  • I endorse these strippers 
  • High School
  • Roman Holiday
  • HOV Lane
  • Roman Reloaded
  • Come on a cone
  • I am your leader
  • Starships 
  • Pound the alarm
  • Whip it
  • Beautiful Sinner

Oh my god I don’t half ramble on but guess what more of my favourite independent songs and features coming, I promise factual stuff of her career coming soon bare with me dolls. 


Independent songs and Features;

  • Boss Ass Bitch
  • Lookin Ass’
  • Get like me 
  • Freaks
  • Creep 
  • Yass bish 
  • Flawless Remix
  • Black Barbies
  • Low
  • Throw some mo’
  • Roman in Moscow 
  • Senile
  • A$$
  • Take it to the Head
  • Red lipstick
  • Hey Mama
  • Turn me on
  • Where them girls at 
  • Pinkpint Freestyle
  • Touchin’ Lovin’
  • Bottoms up
  • Till the world ends (Femme Fatal Remix)
  • Hold Yuh
  • Give it all to me 
  • Love more
  • Make Love 
  • Swalla 
  • Monster 
  • I don’t Give a

Minaj recently became the only female to ever have 76 hot 100 billboard hits beating Aretha Franklin’s 40 year long reign with  73 hits. Making it quite clear that she is the Queen of Hip Hop showcasing the perfect  example of chart dominance. Also became the only female rapper to ever make the top 5 Forbes rich list, various perfume lines, cosmetics, clothing range and alcohol. Conveying her true longevity, a fierce business ethic and multi platinum selling albums and singles. The list goes on and on.

I will always support Nicki in anything she does as I am a huge fan. I know she will carry on being a successful Artist because no female rapper compares to her. Currently waiting for my life to be complete by her releasing her album and resurrecting Roman Zolanski #PleaseLord. 

Moschino: The Fashion house with a unique edge!

It’s me again Tyler, as promised, Today’s post is all about Moschino. It will feature images of my all time favourite Moschino look’s and why i find this brand so inspiring.

Moschino, Milano;

Who/what is it?

Well where do i start with this….. Moschino is a luxury Fashion house originating from Italy. It was founded by the Visonary Franco Moschino 1983. Specialising in Ready to wear, Leather, Fashion accessories, shoes, luggage and perfumes. 

First thing Franco did was work on his Cadette Collection, this took 11 consecutive seasons: So it was worth wait. A chic yet armed forces inspired collection, giving style, sophistication and the most important thing INDIVIDUALITY. 

Moschino: Cadette

In 1983 he launched his first ever Womens wear collection for Spring/Summer ’84. Moschino always played with controversy and turned the questionable into his greatest strength. As he once said “My approach is a contradiction, I know, but why not?” 

Filled with unique details that truly horned in on the pop culture changing Eighties.

My Love

Take several seats Chanel hun

When Franco passed away(God bless his soul) aged 44 in 1994, his former assistant Rosella Jardini, grasping it and keeping a firm grip until 2013. 

Jardini gave birth to a slightly subtle Moschino but still kept it as Fashions naughty little Sister.

S/S 2011: Milan Fashion Week

Then my Fashion dad took over(Jeremy Scott). Snatching a time capsule from the Moschino Safe(this is how I picture it, not fact boo) and travelling back exposing Moschino’s natural roots, taking back the approach “More is More. Making every one literally turn Manic for Moschino 

Heavily using Pop Culture as his inspiration, imitating some of the biggest brands to ever grace earth;

  • Barbie
  • Coca Cola
  • Mcdonalds

Launching the brand into a 21st century obession.


My opinion on Jeremy Scott:

He is my Fashion Dad as said above. He makes me feel so liberated and appreciate individuality. Quite frankly he is one of the BEST designers and is an absolute genius by being able to bend Pop Culture to his advantage. Mr Scott always keep designing and stay true to yourself and the brand, i will always be a supporter and when i earn #COINS when i become successful my closet will only have Moschino. #promise 

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

Overall I love Moschino as a Brand and a Fashion Deity. I will continue to support Moschino and appreciate their Vision and game changing aesthetics. 

Buddha meets Bollywood, Meets Boho vibes #YESSGAWD

Naomi Campbell: The Iconic Supermodel and idol to many. 

It is Sunday afternoon, I have just finished my sunday beast (a.k.a sunday dinner/roast dinner) and finished the UK TV series The Face: Season 1(I never heard of it until last week when i stumbled across it looking through on demand and i call my self a fashion student #disgraceful). Anyway Long story cut short Naomi Campbell was a mentor and she had the winning model who became the face of Maxfactor. Watching this made me realise how much i LOVE AND IDOLISE Naomi, the way she gracefully struts down the catwalk, the fierce ultimate boss b***h and the face that is globally recognised.  

Queen in Atelier Versace

Naomi Campbell was born in May 1970, at the fragile age of 15 is when the world saw this Otherworldly goddess strike a pose. Campbell were and still is branded a SUPERMODEL. Fun fact in the 90’s Naomi was 1 of the 5 Supermodels that was around.

Gracing the cover of French Vogue #cindywho

She was the first ever black woman to be featured on the French Vogue at the energetic age of 18. Not only that but the Campbell effect Dispersed into the atmosphere and her GORGEOUS face was everwhere(YASSS GAWD). Breaking records and also becoming the First Black Woman to be on the cover of TIME magazine, Russian Vogue and British Vogue. 

British Vogue 1987: showcasing her mesmerising and exotic Caribbean and Chinese roots

Today the Queen has graced over 500 magazine covers expressing her longevity.

Not only has she got Magazine covers under her statement belt(lets say a Versace belt), But her beauty, Amazing straight talking personaility has erupted onto many Fashion campaigns such as Prada, Burberry , Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Chanel just to name a few.

The way she walks down the runway looking so vulnerable yet so very strong is absolutely divine. What i love in particular about her runway strut is at the front of the runway, the final stance, the stance that paints a thousand pictures, the stance that SCREAMS warrior queen ready to take on the world.

Slaying the Jean Paul Gaultier runway #Living

Personally for me, I would say Miss Campbell’s biggest career moment would be the fact that she worked with the Courageous soul Nelson Mandela and then he later named Naomi Hishonorary granddaughter for her endless activisim work. 

Naomi and Nelson #feelthelove
Charitable work;

  • Established Fashion for Relief 
  • We love Brazil
  • Live Earth

Just to name a few.

Why I find her so inspirational:

I didn’t really know much about fashion before i started my degree but i always knew who Naomi was(who wouldn’t). But recently I have become so transfixed with feminism and equality and Naomi’s name and face was all over in my research. I love the way she carries herself not just in fashion but in general life, she just has this goddess like essence about her, but in popular culture whatever she does, Naomi pefectly showcases her BEAUTIFUL aura, vulnerabilty, attitude and proud woman characteristics.  Everything about Naomi is perfect and i Love Love Love her diva attitude especially when she stands for something she believes in(snaps fingers).

I hope one day when i become successful in the Fashion Industry that i can proudly say i was in the same room as Naomi Campbell, thats when i will know i’ve made it.