Street Wear: High end Fashion or a Fashion phase?

Streetwear became highly publicised in the 90’s, with globally recognised faces such as Will Smith, RnB group TLC and Biggie Smalls showcasing the finest street wear and creating a Sub Culture, allowing people from the street to theoretically fit in and express them selfs with fashion freedom. 

The East Coast King

Many designers stepped into The Urban Fashion world showcasing incredible versatility and a need to appeal to a larger market ( Marketing tactics at it’s best )

Here are some of the high end Fashion designer brands that took the leap of faith into a streetwear world;

  • Versace 
  • Hugo Boss
  • Diesel
  • Gucci
  • Armani 

90’s streetwear brands;

  • Guess
  • Lugz
  • Nautica 
  • Airwalk
  • Wu Wear
  • Phat Farm

In my opinion, Street has took influences from all styles, trends and pop culture topics, creating and solidifying a distinctive edge on soceity. I would say that streetwear has took influences from famous athletes and sports, Rock ‘n’ Roll, punk, the flamboyancy of The 80’s and skater. Everything is oversized, printed with extravagant patterns, slogans to remember and the most vivacious colours, whether you was into it or not, it would definitely catch your eye.

Trend Setters #90sSwag

This year has seen streetwear ascend in the fashion hierarchy and showing that it can be high fashion and will be high fashion.

This years repeated collaborations and new;


This conveys the new found leniency in high end fashion creating a new lane and showing the most smart business move as well as appealing to a larger consumer market.

Supreme and Louis Vuitton
Fenty and Puma

I wish I was born in the 80’s so that I grew up in the 90’s so i could experience the culture adjustment and individuality of the 90’s instead of reading about it and imagining the vibe. Although i was born in 1995 I can only really remember musicians such as;

  • Cleopatra
  • Spice Girls 
  • Britney Spears
  • Destinys Child
  • Bewitched 
  • Take that 

As i have grown up I’ve listened and broadened my horizons and appreciate various artists like;

  • TLC
  • Boys 2 Men
  • Tupac 
  • Foxy Brown 
  • Lil Kim
  • Ace of Base
  • Corona 
  • Madonna(love her 80’s stuff too)
  • No doubt
  • Aqua
  • Michael Jackson(pretty much heard everything from Jackson 5 to his final album before he passed away This is it)
  • 2 unlimited 
  • Haddaway 

I will stop there, I bloody love 90’s music the tunes are buzzing.

Overall in fashion terms, for me streetwear has rightfully earnt it’s place in High Fashion(it’s about time!!!!!) and i can not wait to see more of the collaborations, trends and swagger produced from this culture.


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