Nicki Minaj: Controversial, Business Mogul, Queen of Hip Hop and an artist with undeniable talent

First of all, I just want to apologise because I promised that I would upload a blog everyday and I didn’t post one yesterday(there is a pefectly good reason, I promise). Basically i was super busy doing a brand report which is part of a module at University and I was literally so drained, I did try and search for inspiration all day but could not find any. So today I have had a long think so being a pop culture enthusiast I have decided to post about Nicki Minaj. A little message to my friends; “sorry I know your sick of me talking about her but she’s my idol okay girl?!” 

I first heard Nicki Minaj when I was in year 9/10, Harley(one of my best friends) said “Have you heard this new song called bedrock?”, listened to it and instantly it was my favourite song. Playing it over and over again, memorising Nicki’s lyrics “ok, I get it lemme think I guess it’s my turn. Maybe it’s time to put this P***Y on ya sideburns.” 

Like Oh My God, legit we were obsessed and still are. Massive thank you to Shaunna for playing the song to Harley in the first place and Thank you to Harley for gracing my ear drums with the addictive sound of Nicki.

So as months goes on Harley and me spend hours searching on you tube and listening to Mix tape Minaj.

Personal Favourites of the Mixtape days

  • Beef Stew
  • Playtime is over
  • Jump off 2007
  • Dirty Money(Freestyle)
  • I get Crazy
  • Ittt Bitty Piggy
  • Envy
  • Wanna Minaj?

I would be here all night if I carried on so I’ll leave at that. 

Nicki Released her debut album Pink Friday in 2010. As you can imagine this obsessive idiot listen to it every day until she released Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the story continues like that with The Re-Up and The Pink Print. The sound track of my life is cleary Nicki Minaj. The Euphoria, Liberation, Confidence and The sense of ‘fitting in and accepting who you are’ I felt was completley a life changer for me.

Favourite songs from all albums:

  • I’m the best
  • Romans Revenge(Resurrect him please, a gay needs a gay)
  • Moment for life
  • Superbass 
  • Dear Old Nicki 
  • Did it on em’
  • Truffle butter
  • All things go 
  • Get on your knee’s 
  • Feeling myself 
  • Grand piano 
  • Boys 
  • Beez in the trap
  • Crying Game 
  • Pills and Potions
  • Only 
  • Four door aventador
  • Trini dem girls
  • Anaconda 
  • Shanghai
  • Up in flames 
  • Freedom
  • Im legit
  • I endorse these strippers 
  • High School
  • Roman Holiday
  • HOV Lane
  • Roman Reloaded
  • Come on a cone
  • I am your leader
  • Starships 
  • Pound the alarm
  • Whip it
  • Beautiful Sinner

Oh my god I don’t half ramble on but guess what more of my favourite independent songs and features coming, I promise factual stuff of her career coming soon bare with me dolls. 


Independent songs and Features;

  • Boss Ass Bitch
  • Lookin Ass’
  • Get like me 
  • Freaks
  • Creep 
  • Yass bish 
  • Flawless Remix
  • Black Barbies
  • Low
  • Throw some mo’
  • Roman in Moscow 
  • Senile
  • A$$
  • Take it to the Head
  • Red lipstick
  • Hey Mama
  • Turn me on
  • Where them girls at 
  • Pinkpint Freestyle
  • Touchin’ Lovin’
  • Bottoms up
  • Till the world ends (Femme Fatal Remix)
  • Hold Yuh
  • Give it all to me 
  • Love more
  • Make Love 
  • Swalla 
  • Monster 
  • I don’t Give a

Minaj recently became the only female to ever have 76 hot 100 billboard hits beating Aretha Franklin’s 40 year long reign with  73 hits. Making it quite clear that she is the Queen of Hip Hop showcasing the perfect  example of chart dominance. Also became the only female rapper to ever make the top 5 Forbes rich list, various perfume lines, cosmetics, clothing range and alcohol. Conveying her true longevity, a fierce business ethic and multi platinum selling albums and singles. The list goes on and on.

I will always support Nicki in anything she does as I am a huge fan. I know she will carry on being a successful Artist because no female rapper compares to her. Currently waiting for my life to be complete by her releasing her album and resurrecting Roman Zolanski #PleaseLord. 


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