Moschino: The Fashion house with a unique edge!

It’s me again Tyler, as promised, Today’s post is all about Moschino. It will feature images of my all time favourite Moschino look’s and why i find this brand so inspiring.

Moschino, Milano;

Who/what is it?

Well where do i start with this….. Moschino is a luxury Fashion house originating from Italy. It was founded by the Visonary Franco Moschino 1983. Specialising in Ready to wear, Leather, Fashion accessories, shoes, luggage and perfumes. 

First thing Franco did was work on his Cadette Collection, this took 11 consecutive seasons: So it was worth wait. A chic yet armed forces inspired collection, giving style, sophistication and the most important thing INDIVIDUALITY. 

Moschino: Cadette

In 1983 he launched his first ever Womens wear collection for Spring/Summer ’84. Moschino always played with controversy and turned the questionable into his greatest strength. As he once said “My approach is a contradiction, I know, but why not?” 

Filled with unique details that truly horned in on the pop culture changing Eighties.

My Love

Take several seats Chanel hun

When Franco passed away(God bless his soul) aged 44 in 1994, his former assistant Rosella Jardini, grasping it and keeping a firm grip until 2013. 

Jardini gave birth to a slightly subtle Moschino but still kept it as Fashions naughty little Sister.

S/S 2011: Milan Fashion Week

Then my Fashion dad took over(Jeremy Scott). Snatching a time capsule from the Moschino Safe(this is how I picture it, not fact boo) and travelling back exposing Moschino’s natural roots, taking back the approach “More is More. Making every one literally turn Manic for Moschino 

Heavily using Pop Culture as his inspiration, imitating some of the biggest brands to ever grace earth;

  • Barbie
  • Coca Cola
  • Mcdonalds

Launching the brand into a 21st century obession.


My opinion on Jeremy Scott:

He is my Fashion Dad as said above. He makes me feel so liberated and appreciate individuality. Quite frankly he is one of the BEST designers and is an absolute genius by being able to bend Pop Culture to his advantage. Mr Scott always keep designing and stay true to yourself and the brand, i will always be a supporter and when i earn #COINS when i become successful my closet will only have Moschino. #promise 

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

Overall I love Moschino as a Brand and a Fashion Deity. I will continue to support Moschino and appreciate their Vision and game changing aesthetics. 

Buddha meets Bollywood, Meets Boho vibes #YESSGAWD

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